Drop Deck

When you need to hire a Drop Deck Trailer which is built tough enough to get the job done, ask us today. We’re a one-stop shop for trailer rentals with depots in all around the Melbourne. Our Drop Deck Trailers are available in a range of sizes and configurations.  They’re flexible enough to transport general freight as well as bulky items such as machinery, steel and agricultural products. They’re road train compatible, conform to Dangerous Good Specifications, and come with 3 Way Container Pins and Load Gates if required.

Drop deck trailers is just what the name suggests.  Because the floor drops to a lower level once the trailer has cleared the rear axle, it’s a very versatile trailer.  Utilising the additional space increases the volume of cargo which can be transported. This style of the trailer also provides other benefits. When properly loaded, the shape of the trailer becomes incredibly stable as the load has a lower centre of gravity when compared to a standard flatbed trailer.

Commonly, drop deck trailers are curtain siders and can incorporate additional features including mezzanine levels or high ceilings, sometimes called high cubes. Many of our fleet of trailer rentals come with optional rear doors. Customers love them because they’re so versatile and can safely accommod

A curtain sider Drop Deck Trailer is ideally suited to side loading. This provides for multiple fork lifts to access the trailer at the same time, speeding up loading and unloading process. However, it’s worth remembering the configuration of the drop deck trailer does not lend itself to rear loading.ate a range of freight, from caged or palleted goods to machinery, even steel or agricultural products.